What on earth is the weather doing today?

One minute it’s all t-shirts and flip-flops, the next we’re reaching for the ugg boots and craving a hot chocolate to warm up!

Oh, that’s right – it’s Autumn.

Here in Sydney, it can take Autumn a good few weeks of see-sawing between extremes before fully settling in to the season, and that can be bad news for asthmatics.

Early Autumn in particular, often brings sudden shifts in temperature which can cause a tightening of the airways for many asthmatics, potentially triggering an attack. And at home, the emergence of warmer doonas and snugglier clothing from the back of the cupboard may uncover another threat to easy breathing – dust mites.

Salt therapy offers an effective, gentle and 100% natural way to manage your asthma this Autumn. The tiny particles of pharmaceutical grade salt dispersed into the salt room during a session work to calm and relax the airways so you can reduce the effects of any symptoms caused by the arrival of Autumn.

Plus, by simply breathing in the salty atmosphere, your immune system will enjoy a healthy boost to help guard against next season’s most unwanted visitors – winter colds and flu!