While most of us look forward to spring’s warmer weather and relaxed vibe, it can present several challenges for asthmatics. Here are our top 3 springtime asthma triggers to watch out for:


1. Pollen.
Plant pollen, which loves to ride on warm spring air, is a potent allergen that can irritate and inflame the airways, potentially sparking asthma attacks and hayfever. Although hayfever and asthma are separate conditions, asthmatics are more likely to be affected by hay fever. Hayfever symptoms are no picnic – itchy, watery eyes, headache, congestion/drippy nose and sneezing can make spring the most dreaded season of the year!


2. Pet dander.
As our pets shake off their winter coats (usually all over the floor!) they sprinkle dander (dead skin, fur and dust) around the home which could worsen your asthma and provoke allergies.


3. Weather.
Spring’s sunny days tempt us to spend more time in nature – but be mindful that you’ll be exposed to outdoor allergens from trees, plants and grasses while you’re out and about. Be particularly careful on warm, humid days. Impending thunderstorms and gusty winds can stir up pollens, plus any sudden change in temperature can irritate the airways, potentially triggering an asthma attack.


Salt therapy in spring.
Salt therapy offers a 100% natural, gentle and effective contribution to a proactive asthma management plan year-round. In spring, salt therapy is particularly beneficial in widening the airways, drawing out excess mucus and soothing redness and inflammation that spring conditions may bring.
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