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Enjoy some of our salty tales and more information on the wonders of salt.

Remember: Just breathe and relax – the salt does all the work.

A bout of pneumonia is serious stuff. It’s an infection that inflames the air sacs of one, or both lungs. In many cases, the air sacs fill with fluid or pus, causing a nasty cough accompanied with phlegm or pus, fever, chills, and breathing difficulties. Safe to say, pneumonia significantly weakens the lungs, and this.. read more →

How salt therapy can help soothe snoring, (so you can get some sleep!) Snoring. Are you over it? The noise, like a freight-train, thundering through the bedroom several times a night. The wakefulness, keeping you in a ropeable state til the wee hours. The sheer amazement that he’s sleeping through it! Argh, it’s so frustrating! Yep,.. read more →

Every year, Winter gets a raw deal, particularly in relation to our health. But really, it’s not all stuffy noses and cold feet! Let me introduce you to 7 health benefits exclusive to my favourite season, winter: 1. Better sleep Remember those steamy February nights when it was too darn hot to sleep? Or if.. read more →

Every season brings different challenges for asthmatics. Chilly winter temperatures can cause chest tightness and constriction of the airways, leading to bouts of wheezing and other asthma symptoms. Plus, icky germs and bugs are everywhere in winter, just waiting to unleash a horrible cough, sore throat or cold! When you’ve got asthma, even a slight sniffle.. read more →

Has the arrival of Winter turned your favourite sunny nook into a dark, dim and dank little corner? Worse still, have you spied the creepy beginnings of mold anywhere in your home? It’s a little depressing, I know. But there’s an easy way to brighten any room at your place, and even cleanse the air.. read more →