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Enjoy some of our salty tales and more information on the wonders of salt.

Remember: Just breathe and relax – the salt does all the work.

Managing your asthma through bushfires and back-burning. Exposure to bushfire smoke, either through controlled back-burning or random bushfires, is a run-of-the-mill part of Australian life. Strong winds can fill our city skies with thick smoke from a fire located 100’s of kilometres away,  impacting the quality of air we breathe. During periods of smoke-filled air,.. read more →

You’re on edge and your mind’s racing. Your heart’s beating fast, your breath is erratic and your mojo is MIA. Everything seems like a hassle and there’s no end in sight. Whether it’s caused by a growing pile of bills, a difficult situation at work, relationship issues or simply trying to get stuff done, stress.. read more →

Coughing can be quite useful. When you want to attract the attention of a shop assistant, or alert the kids that you’ve sprung them doing something naughty, a subtle cough is just the ticket. But when you can’t control your cough and you have that irritating tickle, it’s no fun at all. Generally a cough is.. read more →

Those crisp Autumn days have passed and now chilly winter is upon us, bringing with it the dreaded rounds of cold and flu! But don’t despair – if a cold or flu creeps up, you don’t need to suffer for weeks on end tucked up under the doona feeling miserable. Salt therapy can fast-track the.. read more →

A headache is one thing, but imagine the misery of a dull ache that penetrates the entire skull, from the inside-out. Sinusitis occurs when the tiny cavities of the nasal passages get infected, becoming sore and inflamed. A build up of icky congestion in these cavities translates as pain throughout the whole face, including the.. read more →