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Enjoy some of our salty tales and more information on the wonders of salt.

Remember: Just breathe and relax – the salt does all the work.

You’re on edge and your mind’s racing. Your heart’s beating fast, your breath is erratic and your mojo is MIA. Everything seems like a hassle and there’s no end in sight. Whether it’s caused by a growing pile of bills, a difficult situation at work, relationship issues or simply trying to get stuff done, stress.. read more →

Coughing can be quite useful. When you want to attract the attention of a shop assistant, or alert the kids that you’ve sprung them doing something naughty, a subtle cough is just the ticket. But when you can’t control your cough and you have that irritating tickle, it’s no fun at all. Generally a cough is.. read more →

Those crisp Autumn days have passed and now chilly winter is upon us, bringing with it the dreaded rounds of cold and flu! But don’t despair – if a cold or flu creeps up, you don’t need to suffer for weeks on end tucked up under the doona feeling miserable. Salt therapy can fast-track the.. read more →

A headache is one thing, but imagine the misery of a dull ache that penetrates the entire skull, from the inside-out. Sinusitis occurs when the tiny cavities of the nasal passages get infected, becoming sore and inflamed. A build up of icky congestion in these cavities translates as pain throughout the whole face, including the.. read more →

Every season brings different challenges for asthmatics. Here’s the low-down on how each season can impact your asthma and how salt therapy can help you support your health all year round. Winter. Chilly winter temperatures can cause chest tightness, constrict airways causing wheezing and other asthma symptoms.   Then you have everyone coughing and sneezing with.. read more →