Has the arrival of Winter turned your favourite sunny nook into a dark, dim and dank little corner?
Worse still, have you spied the creepy beginnings of mold anywhere in your home?
It’s a little depressing, I know.
But there’s an easy way to brighten any room at your place, and even cleanse the air at the same time.
Add a Himalayan salt lamp..
With their signature soft, orange glow, a salt lamp not only looks gorgeous, but will help clean the surrounding air of mold, bacteria and allergens.
These nasties are often trapped in water vapor and simply left to linger in the atmosphere – yuk! Place a salt lamp in the room, and the nasties are naturally drawn to it. (Salt is hygroscopic meaning it attracts moisture.)
Add a salt lamp to your decor – you’ll create a cosy, warm ambience this winter as well as clean, healthy air.