Toddlers do it, puppies do it, but hold up –  your salt lamp?


Yup, you may have noticed the occasional puddle at the base of your salt lamp.


This little accident is not a result of over-excitement or inability to ‘hold on’ (although I’m sure your jokes are hilarious!). It happens because the salt naturally attracts all the humidity from the air around it. (The technical term is hygroscopic, meaning it easily absorbs moisture from the air).


Once you’ve mopped up the mess, there are two main ways to prevent a recurrence of the pooling:


  1. Avoid keeping your salt lamp in wet areas of the home such as the bathroom or laundry. Instead, favour dry, well ventilated locations like your living area, bedrooms and the office.

  2. Leave your lamp switched on 24/7. The low heat from the internal globe keeps the lamp warm enough to dry any surface moisture before it has a chance to pool. (If you are heading out of town for a long period, unplug your lamp, remove the globe and cord and wrap the lamp snuggly in plastic).