Facial in a Salt Room

A Salt Therapy treatment is naturally relaxing; however if you really want to spoil yourself then our deep relaxing cleansing facial with a face massage will have you floating out of the salt room and feeling like you have treated yourself to something special.

We use Seacret skincare products which are all naturally based and infused with salt minerals from the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea salt is well known for its natural healing benefits for the skin and we at The Salt Spot love them. They are gentle on the skin and will not leave you red or irritated after one of our facials.

We’re all about the relaxing side of a facial as this is an extension to your Salt Therapy treatment. What you can expect is a deep cleansing facial with gentle exfoliation, followed with a mud mask (tailored to your individual skin needs) and finished off with a beautiful face massage.

There is no other facial anywhere that is so relaxing and done in a cosy salt room. You will not be able to stop at one.

Hey guys, we haven’t forgotten you!

We have loads of men come in and experience one of our facials. Why? Because it’s relaxing and you deserve to be treated as well. If you’ve never had a facial and want to try it out without stepping into a women’s beauty salon, then we are the right place for you. Trust me, once you’ve had one, you’ll know why women get facials all the time.

We care for your skin and our therapist will ask you beforehand if you have any skin concerns. The products are gentle and hypo allergenic, without nasty parabens or SLS.