Hey you!

Back away from the chocolate and mindless scrolling – we’ve got a 100% natural and healthier way for you to feel good!

It’s salt!
Yes, salt! Let me explain. You’re probably aware that salt therapy is a great way to clean and clear the airways so you can breathe better, but it also works wonders to help you feel good.
How? Good question. Let’s get science-y for a minute.
The atmosphere we breathe is made up of electrically charged particles. Some particles carry a positive charge, others negative. Even though negative ions sound, well, negative, they actually promote a positive effect on mood and wellbeing. (Positive ions, on the other hand, can make us feel a bit ‘blah’).
When you step into our tranquil salt therapy room, you are entering a high negative ion environment. The pure, fine particles of therapeutic grade salt quietly dispersed into the air during a salt therapy session are naturally super-charged with a feel-good dose of negative ions.
All you need do is sit back, relax and let the salt work it’s (science-y) magic.    Next time you need a little boost – think salt!