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How to open a salt room…. All the information you need to know at an affordable price.
How to be a salt therapist online program / course – Learn the in’s and out’s of salt therapy, how it works in the body, how to explain to clients, best treatments options and so much more.

Are you thinking of opening a salt room and you’re not sure where to start?  

The wonderful world of salt therapy is becoming increasingly popular.  The industry is still in its infancy stage and there is a lot of potential for growth.
I started my Salt Therapy business 5 years ago when, there was very little information out there and for the most part it took me a year to research, source equipment, learn how it all works, how to build it and all the technical data.  A year later I opened my doors and have a successful salt therapy business. I have so many people contacting me and asking “How do I open a salt room?” And I’m here to share both knowledge and support in helping you open your own salt room.

What type of salt room do you want?

There are 2 popular ways to open a room.

  1. A dedicated salt therapy room which specialises only in salt therapy.
    – can add in extra therapies that revolve around salt therapy i.e: massage and yoga.
  2. An existing business or therapist that wants to add salt therapy as an extension to current services
    – Gyms / personal training studios
    – Spas / beauty salons
    – Natural health and wellness centres
    – Doctors
    – Sports performance therapists
    – Therapists
    – Healing centres

Whatever idea you have I’m here to help and offer guidance and answer questions regarding salt therapy.  If you’re going to do it, do it right!

What I offer is one on one support for you to start your salt therapy success. I’m here to work with you – from adding a small room to an existing business to building a dedicated salt therapy centre –  whatever your vision is

Support and experience in setting up a salt room, right location and requirements
Contacts for equipment, set up and products
Training in Salt Therapy
Ongoing support after you have opened

I tailor support packages to work in with what you’re wanting.   Send me an email to start the conversation.  

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