Ultrasonic Halo Salt Air Pod

Salt Therapy at home…..

Salt therapy is becoming well known for helping to clear out mucus and congestion of the airways, now you can receive the benefits of salt therapy in the comfort of your own home.

Salt has natural anti-inflammatory and anti- histamine properties that help open the airways and relieve congestion and mucus.   Salt also has natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties which helps if you have mold spores in the room.

Our salt room is specially designed to give you an intense salt therapy treatment for both adults and children, however we understand that it’s not always convenient to get to a salt room.    We suggest the Ultrasonic Salt Air Pod is the next best option for at home salt therapy treatments over other brands.

This silent unit  offers an at home treatment that is cost effective whilst still receiving the benefits of salt therapy.  The new design in Ultrasonic Halotherapy has ultrasonic technology that  uses ultrasonic frequency vibration in transforming saline solution into 1-5 micron salt particles. These micro particles are salt mist that are dispersed into the air and inhaled similar to the salt room.

Salt Therapy and the Halo Salt Air Pod is a complimentary treatment that helps to open the airways and relieve symptoms of:
Hay Fever / Allergies
Snoring / Sleep Apnea
Colds & Flu

Any respiratory conditions or difficulties in breathing are helped with salt therapy, for more information on how this can help you please read about Salt Therapy.

Power Supply                24v DC
Water Well Capacity    2000 ml
Vapour On                     4-6 days on medium setting
Warranty                        12 Months
Height                             35 cm
Width                               20 cm

Adjustable mist control.

The Halo Salt Air Pod is designed to be in used when you are in one place for a period of time.    The most effective place is at night in bed.

Lift the blue water container away from the base unit.
Fill the blue container with water (preferably filtered or cooled boiled water).
Add 1 teaspoon of salt to the water.  (Salt is included with the unit).
Replace the blue water container to the base unit.
The water will filter down into the well of the unit.
Plug the unit into the wall and turn on.

One fill of water will last 4-6 nights depending on the intensity.

This is different for everyone, start low and turn the unit up as required., below are general guidlines only.

General guidlines:
Children with mild breathing difficulties – turn on for a couple of hours between them going to bed and you going to bed.   This is a good maintenance level as well.

Children with chronic breathing issues – leave on overnight on Low.

Adults with mild breathing difficulties – leave on low overnight

Adults with chronic or severe breathing issues – turn up to med – high as required.





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