You know that salty air is good for body, mind and soul, right? So have you ever wondered why you should bother with salt therapy, when surely a visit to the beach will do?

Of course, a trip to the beach makes a great day out, and here in Sydney we are blessed to have some of the country’s loveliest right at our door. And when you want to cool off on a hot summer’s day, you can’t beat a dip in the ocean!

But if you want to deep-clean your lungs or soothe a pesky skin condition, salt therapy’s where it’s at. By delivering a concentrated dose of health-boosting, pharmaceutical grade salt, salt therapy harnesses the amazing benefits of salt – without getting wet!

A relaxing 45-minute salt therapy session takes place in the cool, quiet and sterile environment of a custom-built salt room. There are no red and yellow flags to stay between or pollution to worry about – and you won’t get sunburned!

All you need do is sit back in a comfy chair and let the salt do the healing! By simply breathing naturally, microscopic particles of dry salt are inhaled deep into the respiratory tract, acting as a gentle broom to sweep out germs, allergens and other irritants. You’ll leave your session feeling calm, relaxed and breathing easy.