You know that feeling when your throat starts to tickle, your nose starts to feel blocked…Oh no! the start of a cold and you want to get to the salt room but no time to drop in for a boost of salt.

There’s a cool new PREVENTATIVE measure on the block… Introducing the Dry Salt Inhaler!

The Dry Salt Inhaler (DSI) is a portable device that utilises salt’s natural antiseptic and detoxifying properties to not only kill germs and bacteria, but help open up the airways so you can breathe easier and deeper.  Aahhhh…

What’s the secret?

While it’s no secret that salt has amazing healing properties, the DSI captures them in a very nifty way. Each DSI contains unprocessed rock salt crystals (sourced from the famous Transylvanian Praid salt mine in Romania). These natural rock salt crystals are carefully selected by miners and have the same or even better quality than Himalayan salt.

Simply by breathing through the DSI, the salt gets deep down into the respiratory system to clear and cleanse mucus and irritants.

How to use the DSI:

It’s easy – simply place the DSI in your mouth and breath in.  Breathing with your DSI like this for 15-20 minutes a day will have a big impact on the ease and clarity of your breathing.  It also has a nifty nasal adapter so you can pop that on and place against your nostril and inhale through your nose.

Winter winner….

With the weather cooling down, now’s the perfect time to safeguard your health from all the icky bugs flying around. Keep a DSI in your handbag or car glove box to use after you’ve been in closed public places, such as shopping malls, public transport or the classroom.  The DSI is also great to help clear a stuffy nose before bed so you can get a good night’s sleep.

Got more questions?  You can read more about the DSI and order online here