Imagine this:  Sitting back in a comfy chair, chilling out and enjoying the quiet rhythm of your breath.
Doesn’t sound particularly ‘sporty’, does it? (Sounds pretty awesome though, right?)  Well, salt is full of surprises!
When it comes to winning strategies, salt therapy definitely deserves a place on the sporting podium. Whether you want to smash your PB for the local Parkrun, train for a marathon or simply keep up with the kids, salt therapy can help you get across the line. Here’s how:

Breathe better.
When you’re pushing your body to its physical limits, your breath is everything! Regular salt therapy sessions work to clean and widen the airways, improve lung capacity, boost stamina and regulate breathing patterns. Together, these factors help maximise airflow and increase oxygen delivery into the bloodstream, so you can breathe better and go harder!
Feel relaxed and ready.
The atmosphere in the salt room contains a high concentration of mood-boosting negative-ions, proven to help you feel positive, calm and relaxed. While your lungs get a clean, you can be quietly cultivating a winning mindset or simply resting in preparation for ‘game day’.
Recover well.
Sore, tired muscles benefit from the increased blood flow that optimal breathing delivers. Coupled with salt’s natural anti- inflammatory properties, your body will feel ready and raring to do it all over again before you know it!