What have you got – sinus or hay fever?
If sinus and hay fever were to meet at a party they’d soon discover they have lots in common. Both are capable of wreaking havoc on the respiratory system, causing skull-numbing pain and making life miserable for those prone to their wrath.  But that’s where the similarities end.
Hay fever favours the Spring, when there’s a high concentration of pollen circulating in the warm air. When breathed into the respiratory system, these pollens and other seasonal allergens can cause irritation and inflammation of the airways. Hay fever symptoms are no picnic, and include sneezing, a scratchy throat, and red, watery eyes.

Sinus problems can occur at any time of year, and tend to be ongoing. With sinus, the tiny cavities of the nasal passages get infected, becoming sore and inflamed. A build up of congestion in these cavities shows up as pain throughout the whole face, including the back of the eyes, ears and forehead. The nose can either feel constantly blocked or constantly runny (post-nasal drip). Severe sinus issues may completely distort the sense of smell and make breathing very difficult.

Salt therapy offers reliable relief for both hay fever and sinus problems. Hayfever responds particularly well to a concentrated series of salt therapy sessions. The tiny particles of dry aerosol salt breathed in during a session act like a scrubbing brush for the airways, cleaning pollens and irritants from the respiratory system. Also, salt’s natural antihistamine and anti-inflammatory qualities work wonders to soothe the redness, puffiness and irritation of hay fever.

Sinus problems are gently and effectively eased by salt’s natural hygroscopic properties which help draw out, or loosen congestion and mucus build-up, aiding the body to expel or metabolise this matter.  Once the sinuses begins to respond, we recommend regular sessions to maintain wellness.