Add SALT to SUPER-CHARGE your immunity this Autumn.

Ok, so we were going to do a ‘top 5’ kind of tip list about how to boost your immunity as the weather cools. But the truth is, you already know that you need to eat well, sleep well, manage your stress and exercise to keep the bugs at bay, right?

And even though you know salt therapy is amazingly effective for soothing respiratory and skin conditions, you might not be aware of salt’s immunity-boosting super-powers.

It’s salts natural anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antihistamine qualities that make it so effective at strengthening the entire immune system – leaving you less likely to catch pesky coughs and colds. Plus, the powerful negative ion environment created in the salt room helps to elevate mood – and when you feel positive, your mental resilience to illness strengthens too.

So yes, this Autumn keep topping up your vitamin C with lots of citrus, broccoli, kiwi and parsley, gets lots of sleep and exercise, and for a super-charged immunity boost add – a pinch of salt therapy!