Salt – it’s one of the most critical nutrients on earth for humans and yet one of the most “beat-up” by the media and medical industry.   In fact, chances are you’ve heard some of the following at some point from somewhere…

“Salt clogs your arteries. Salt causes high blood pressure. Salt makes you retain fluid. Salt causes osteoporosis. Salt is harmful for diabetics. Salt can cause all kinds of health problems and you should avoid it!”

These are completely false statements. In fact, Salt gets rid of fluid retention, drops your blood pressure (with hydration) solves osteoporosis and helps with diabetes + so much more.

Why do we need Salt?

Natural (unrefined) salt had over 80+ trace minerals which are essential for our bodies to function.  Salt allows liquids to freely cross body membranes, blood vessels walls, and glomeruli (filter units) of the kidneys. Whenever the natural salt concentration rises in the blood, the salt will readily combine with the fluids in the neighbouring tissues. This, in turn, will allow the cells to derive more nourishment from the enriched intracellular fluid. In addition, healthy kidneys are able to remove these natural saline fluids, without a problem, which is essential for keeping the fluid concentration in the body balanced.

Salt is cheap, in abundant supply on earth and heals virtually everything. Salt has been revered and used for centuries to restore health in the body and to even preserve foods among every culture. It’s also the reason why when you go into hospital for almost any crisis or trauma situation, one of the first things they’ll do is pump saline solution into your body.

Salt is a vital substance for the survival and health of all living creatures, and what’s amazing is that ALL animals know exactly where to get salt for survival.

So why attack Salt?

Refined salt has virtually no benefits for the body. Refined salt is responsible for causing numerous health problems, as it is stripped from minerals present in natural salt that stabilize pH of the body. The ionic structure of refined salt has been altered by high temperatures to which it is subjected during the manufacturing process. In addition present in refined salt anti caulking additives are not beneficial to the body.

Natural sea salt contains many essential minerals, whereas refined contains only two elements, sodium (Na) and chlorine (Cl). When cells suffer from a dietary deficiency of trace elements, they lose their ability to control their ions. This has dire consequences on the human body. Even if ion equilibrium is lost for just one minute, cells in the body begin to burst. This can lead to nervous disorders, brain damageor muscle spasms, as well as a breakdown of the cell regenerating process.

Refined salt, prevents this free crossing of liquids and minerals thereby causing fluids to accumulate and stagnate in the joints, lymphatic ducts and lymph nodes, and kidneys. The dehydrating effect of commercial salt can lead to gallstone formation, weight increase, high blood pressure, and other health problems.

Commercial salt manufacturers add chemicals such as desiccants, as well as different bleaches, to the final refined salt formula. After undergoing processing, the salt can no longer blend or combine with human body fluids. This invariably undermines the most basic chemical and metabolic processes in the body. Water retention and kidney and blood pressure problems are the most obvious consequences of refined salt consumption.

Add a little natural salt into your water and stay healthy.

Firstly get rid of the common table salt and eat a natural salt.   Himalayan pink salt, natural sea salt, celtic salt, there are quite a few natural sources of salt, just make sure it has not been processed or has any other additives.

Salt in water is a great way to add minerals and help to regulate the fluid inside and outside your cells.  Add a pinch of salt to water, this will hydrate your cells, give you loads of good minerals and will also alkalize the water.

-The above text has been taken in parts from “The Liver and Gallbladder Miracle Cleanse: An All-Natural, At-Home Flush to Purify, Rejuvenate Your Body” by Andreas Moritz and  Tyler Tolman at Conscious Lifestyler.