Salt Therapy

All about Salt Therapy

Salt therapy is a natural, non- invasive treatment that helps open the airways and relieve congestion and mucus.   Salt is a natural anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine which opens and relaxes the airways, relieving irritation.  Salt is also a natural antiseptic with anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Salt therapy can help boost the immune system of the respiratory area, work as a preventative health measure and increase lung capacity.

Our unique salt room has been specially designed to ensure you receive the best salt therapy treatment.   We have 2 rooms a larger group room and a private room.   Both offer a tranquil and peaceful setting to let your body relax and rejuvenate.

By sitting and relaxing in our salt room you will be inhaling the microscopic salt particles, which help open the airways reduce inflammation and congestion and help you to breathe easier.

Children are welcome at The Salt Spot and their treatments are always separate to adult times, so they can play and make as much noise as they like.    Adult treatments are very relaxing and quiet.

How to get the best results?

Frequency is the key to your salt therapy success.

This will vary from person to person and our salt therapist consultant will work with you to devise the best treatment plan that will work for you and your schedule.  For most treatments we start more intensive and then slowly reduce the visits as your body responds to the salt treatment.   Everybody’s body responds differently and there is no right or wrong, milder symptoms will need less treatment than those with chronic symptoms.   Salt therapy is not a magic pill, whilst we all would like one, good health takes time and commitment.   The more you have salt therapy the less you will need it in the long term. Our goal is to support you and your body to find a natural balanced state where you can maintain good health and quality of life.

What’s the best treatment for me? 

We can only give a general guide for some conditions, as you are unique we do like to work with you to ensure that you are recieving the best care we can give.    Click on your condition to find out a little more or give us a call to discuss further.

Asthma     Bronchitis     Bronchiectasis     Colds & Flu     COPD     Cystic Fibrosis     Eczema     Emphysema     General Health & Wellbeing     Hay Fever & Allergies     Pneumonia     Psoriasis     Pulmonary Fibrosis     Sinusitis     Sleep Apnea / Snoring     Sports Performance / Recovery      Stress Relief & Relaxation

If you suffer from something different and want to know if salt therapy can help you, give us a call and our salt therapist will be happy to answer your questions.

Our frequently asked questions  will answer some questions for you about  what happens when your here.  Also check out our blog before you come in for your first treatment, it will give you a run down on what to expect here

How much does it cost?

We offer very flexible packages so you don’t feel locked into contracts or minimum time frames.   We also like to keep salt therapy affordable for everyone.

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Can’t make it into the salt room…

We also offer at home support to your treatment with various products.

Great for those who:

  • Want to continue their treatment at home to get the most from the therapy.
  • Those who are time poor  or those who are time poor and want to combine the salt room and home treatments
  • Live to far from Neutral Bay and really want to include the wonderful benefits of salt therapy for their health.

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