At The Salt Spot, we literally live and breathe salt every working day, so it’s easy to take this amazing therapy for granted. But lately, we’ve been meeting so many lovely people who are truly intrigued with salt therapy. So, inspired by this curiosity and in gratitude of our ‘work’ , we want to share 11 fascinating facts that make The Salt Spot and salt therapy so awesome!

1. Not *just* another brick in the wall
No boring red bricks or plasterboard for us! The walls of our 2 salt therapy rooms are built with pure (40cm x 20cm) salt blocks! These gorgeous hunks came from a salt cave in Donesk, Ukraine and were hauled up from a depth of over 300 metres. This salt is from massive deposits formed 250 million years ago from a shallow bay of the ancient Permian Sea.  

2.Tonnes of salt
Each of these blocks weighs 30-35 kg – that equates to roughly 20 tonnes of salt on the walls! But wait, there’s more – there’s another tonne of (evaporated sea salt from WA) salt on the floor!

3. Old school
Salt therapy is not new – it’s actually an ancient healing method. In medieval times, Eastern European monks would accompany the sick into salt caves – for up to several weeks – to help heal respiratory and skin conditions.

4. Greek is the word
While we simply call it salt therapy, you may also hear the terms speleotherapy and halotherapy around the traps. Both words stem from Greek language; speleotherapy comes from the word speleon, meaning cave, while halotherapy comes from halos, meaning salt.

5. Simply blessed
When The Salt Spot first opened in 2013, the space received a blessing from Tibetan monks (who were travelling with the Dalai Lama at the time). The monks were in awe of the space and it’s calming, cleansing feel.  This beautiful blessing was a memorable experience and absolute highlight in opening The Salt Spot.

6.Clients rule
Since opening our doors, we’ve welcomed over 5000 clients! Some we see only once, others visit every allergy or cold and flu season, and some have a standing weekly appointment. The award for our youngest clients goes to an adorable 2 week old baby, while our oldest client was a spritely 96 year old. We love and appreciate all our clients!

7.Feelgood reasons
Even though salt therapy helps immensely with respiratory and skin issues, most people don’t visit The Salt Spot when they are sick. Rather, they come in to experience salt’s natural relaxation effect and as a preventative measure to stay well!  

After experiencing a salt therapy session, the most common feedback we hear is ‘Oh my, that was sooo relaxing!’  followed by a sigh and ‘I really needed that!’.

8.Relax, it’s science
So, why is the salt room so relaxing?  Let’s talk science for a second.

The atmosphere we breathe is made up of electrically charged particles. Some particles carry a positive charge, others negative. Even though negative ions sound, well, negative, they actually promote a positive effect on mood and wellbeing. (Positive ions, on the other hand, can make us feel a bit ‘blah’).

9.We love lamps
Aside from salt therapy sessions, the next biggest seller are our Himalayan salt lamps. These look amazing, but more importantly, salt lamps naturally cleanse and purify the room they’re in – so you can breathe cleaner air.

The biggest lamp we’ve ever sold weighed in at 50kg, with the most popular size the more manageable 2-3kg lamp.

10. All healers welcome
Our rooms have been used as a sacred container for meditation classes, massage treatment and many other wonderful healing traditions. Not only do clients get the benefits of the treatment or class, but the added extra of breathing in the calming and healing salty atmosphere.

11.Spreading the salt
Along with looking after clients at The Salt Spot, Penny also mentors people who want to establish their own salt therapy rooms at home or for business. She’s even helped convert a caravan into a salt therapy room!

So there you have it, our favourite facts about The Salt Spot. If you’ve visited us, what do you find most fascinating about what we do? If you haven’t experienced salt therapy yet, what are you waiting for? Come and spend some time with us, and salt!