Every year, Winter gets a raw deal, particularly in relation to our health.
But really, it’s not all stuffy noses and cold feet!

Let me introduce you to 7 health benefits exclusive to my favourite season, winter:

1. Better sleep
Remember those steamy February nights when it was too darn hot to sleep? Or if it wasn’t the heat, it was the irritating buzz of a mosquito? Cool winter nights are conducive to better sleep, and thankfully, those pesky mozzies have buzzed off for a few months.

2. Veggie fix
When you want to warm up, winter soups and stews are the way to go. Plus, they’re the perfect vehicle to
include more vitamin-rich vegetables into your diet – yum!

3. Extra Energy
Exposure to cool winter temperatures and even walking in the cold can boost your energy levels for hours
afterward. Even a short period of time out in the winter air helps.
Why not grab your runners for a brisk walk around the block?

4. Deeper connection
Time inside can provide a chance to really connect, talk and play with others. Think cosy movie
afternoons snuggled up on the sofa, lazy pyjama days and bonding board games all from the comfort of
your own home.

5. Nature appreciation
Cool, comfortable temperatures coupled with less risk of sunburn make getting outside much more
attractive in winter. Find a mountain to climb, a forest to explore or a long stretch of beach to amble along
and bask in the marvel of the natural world – without getting hot and sweaty.

6. Cleaner air, better breathing
As pollution loves to cling to hot, humid air, cooler air generally means better quality air. Go out for some
some long, deep breaths. Tune into the temperature of the air as it enters your body through the nose; feel
your belly and chest move with your breath as the air travels refreshes your whole respiratory system.

7. Boost resilience
Studies show the cells that fight infection in the body actually increase if you go out into the cold.

And don’t forget, salt therapy is the perfect treat for your body, mind and soul in every season. This
winter, our tranquil salt rooms are toasty warm, plus you’ll love the soothing glow from our Himalayan
salt lamps.