The Salt Spot Difference

Our Salt Room in Neutral Bay

The natural healing effect that has been found throughout the salt caves in Europe is now available at The Salt Spot. We have created a unique and natural environment in our salt rooms where you can relax, breathe and rejuvenate.

The Salt Spot combines ancient knowledge and advanced science with two specially constructed Salt Therapy rooms in which the walls and floors are covered in salt from the purest sources. The walls are built with pure salt blocks which have been mined from over 300 metres deep in a salt cave in Donesk, Ukraine. This salt is from huge deposits formed 250 million years ago from a shallow bay of the ancient Permian Sea.

Building our walls out of pure salt blocks and covering the floor in salt replicates a natural salt cave and creates a salt cave micro climate. This is how Salt Therapy began and is called Speleotherapy. Speleotherapy has huge healing benefits itself, but we went one step further and added in modern technology with ancient wisdom with Halotherapy technology. The salt air within the room has a positive effect on the body, cleansing the skin, ears, nose and lungs, helping you to breathe easier.

Salt Therapy is a safe, complementary therapy that can benefit people of any age with respiratory and skin ailments as well as those in good health who want to strengthen their immune system and general well-being.