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Enjoy some of our salty tales and more information on the wonders of salt.

Remember: Just breathe and relax – the salt does all the work.

Wa-hoooo! You’re ready to try salt therapy! We just know you’re gonna enjoy this unique experience and love the many benefits salt therapy has to offer! We also know trying something new can feel a little bit intimidating. Along with introducing new clients like you to the wonders of salt therapy, our aim is to.. read more →

Are you dreading the kids coming home this winter with EVERY cold, cough and sniffle that hits the playground? Worse still, are you dreading them sharing the icky, snotty germs with YOU? Then NOW is the time to act! Get the kids in for an immunity-boosting dose of salt therapy NOW, while you are all.. read more →

6 Ways to keep your mind fit everyday. 30 minutes moderate exercise – check. 5 serves vegetables – check. 8 glasses of water – check Phew! Do all that every day and you’re good, right? Absolutely. Oh, but hang on a minute, that takes care of the body, but what about the mind? With 1.. read more →

At The Salt Spot, we literally live and breathe salt every working day, so it’s easy to take this amazing therapy for granted. But lately, we’ve been meeting so many lovely people who are truly intrigued with salt therapy. So, inspired by this curiosity and in gratitude of our ‘work’ , we want to share.. read more →

Are you and your business craving something special in 2019? Perhaps The Salt Spot can help! This year, for the first time, we are offering our amazing salt rooms for select practitioners to use as a healing treatment space! (And we are super-excited about it!) We have 2 rooms available. Both feature beautiful salt brickwork.. read more →

Athletes (amateur to elite) love salt therapy for its powerful ability to elevate performance, naturally. Frequent sessions improve lung capacity, boost stamina and regulate breathing patterns – all essential ingredients to cultivating a competitive edge. But what if you’re not an athlete? What if you simply want to perform your everyday activities (like mowing the.. read more →