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Enjoy some of our salty tales and more information on the wonders of salt.

Remember: Just breathe and relax – the salt does all the work.

Spring is such a beautiful time of year, although for some people its the dreaded hay fever and allergy season.  Fear not! Salt therapy is a natural addition to help fight itchy eyes, runny nose and foggy head that accompany these conditions. By adding in some salt therapy treatments now and during spring, it will help.. read more →

It’s time to leave now! Have you ever felt your cold is just going on and on and will never leave? Yeah, me too. Truth is, most of us will catch a common cold a few times a year or more if you have little ones around.  But when the sniffles, coughs and runny nose typical.. read more →

Managing your asthma through bushfires and back-burning. Exposure to bushfire smoke, either through controlled back-burning or random bushfires, is a run-of-the-mill part of Australian life. Strong winds can fill our city skies with thick smoke from a fire located 100’s of kilometres away,  impacting the quality of air we breathe. During periods of smoke-filled air,.. read more →

You’re on edge and your mind’s racing. Your heart’s beating fast, your breath is erratic and your mojo is MIA. Everything seems like a hassle and there’s no end in sight. Whether it’s caused by a growing pile of bills, a difficult situation at work, relationship issues or simply trying to get stuff done, stress.. read more →

Coughing can be quite useful. When you want to attract the attention of a shop assistant, or alert the kids that you’ve sprung them doing something naughty, a subtle cough is just the ticket. But when you can’t control your cough and you have that irritating tickle, it’s no fun at all. Generally a cough is.. read more →