Balance with Brian @ The Salt Spot

Brian offers an amazing technique called Acuenergetics. This incredibly relaxing therapy can restore the flow of bio electricity in the body. This ‘reset’ works to relieve pain, balance the whole energetic system and bring a positive boost to your body, mind and soul.

In his beautifully relaxing treatments, Brian places his hands on precise points on the body to restore the body’s natural bio-electrical flow. It truly is an amazing experience! Restoring the electricity can transform pain and disease in the body and the mind.

I personally have been using Brian and feel so relaxed and rejuvenated after a balance with him, I loved it so much I wanted to offer here at The Salt Spot for more people to experience the amazing benefits.

Brian’s treatment are available at The Salt Spot  by appointment, phone Brian directly to make and appointment or to find out more information 0449 901 850

Find out more about Brian, Acuenergetics on his website