Hay Fever & Allergy Treatment with Salt Therapy

How Salt Therapy can help Hay Fever & Allergies

Salt Therapy is a natural gentle, non invasive, drug free therapy that offers support to the relief of hay fever & allergy symptoms. By sitting in our specially designed salt room, your respiratory system will be exposed to microscopic dry aerosol particles of salt that are inhaled through the nasal passages and down into the airways of the lungs. Salt has natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce symptoms and relieve inflammation and congestion in the airways. As the dry salt is breathed in, it passes through the airways, breaking up or loosening congestion, helping the body to expel any excess mucus and offering relief naturally from itchy eyes and nose,  stuffy head and general symptoms that you can have with hay fever.

Recommended Treatment

Seasonal Hay Fever – usually worse in spring when the pollen count is high.

Intensity is the key to your Salt Therapy success with seasonal hay fever.

The best results from Salt Therapy for seasonal hay fever are achieved with an intensive treatment. Start with 4-6 times a week or daily if needed, through spring (or your worst time). This will offer natural relief from the symptoms and as the treatment continues you will find that the salt will offer longer term results and ongoing relief from hay fever. Most clients that have done Salt Therapy find that by the following season their usual symptoms are significantly reduced and can be managed with fewer treatments weekly or fortnightly as ongoing maintenance.

Ongoing Hay Fever and Sinisitis –  ongoing inflammation and congestion

Frequency is the key to your Salt Therapy success with ongoing Hay Fever.

The best results from Salt Therapy for more ongoing hay fever or sinus congestion are achieved with an intensive treatment to start, to loosen up the congestion. This may be 4-6 times per week depending on your severity. Then start reducing the treatments as your body responds to the treatment which will drop down to an ongoing maintenance program.

Salt Therapy works well as a preventative treatment as we are constantly breathing in pollutants and allergens which can irritate the sinuses with hay fever. Breathing in salt as part of your ongoing maintenance can help the body to heal faster and remove irritants fast. Salt therapy is not a cure; it is a support for your lungs to help open and relieve inflammation and congestion throughout your airways.

Salt therapy is a non medical, complementary treatment which has no side effects when used with your  medication. Salt Therapy is not a cure; it is a complementary treatment that can relieve symptoms of hay fever.