It’s time to leave now!

Have you ever felt your cold is just going on and on and will never leave?
Yeah, me too.

Truth is, most of us will catch a common cold a few times a year or more if you have little ones around.  But when the sniffles, coughs and runny nose typical of a cold linger well past their usual 7-day completion time, it’s easy to feel fed-up and downright miserable.

Whilst there’s no cure for the common cold virus, rest and plenty of lemon and honey tea can help.  Salt therapy offers a gentle, 100% natural and effective way to politely give your cold the hurry-up. It will also help strengthen your immune system, so you’ll recover faster and be better equipped to fight off future colds.

Salt’s natural anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties soothe inflammation and open up the airways so you can breathe easier. By simply sitting back and breathing in our comfy salt room, dry salt gets deep into the respiratory system to kill germs, loosen and draw out icky congestion and mucus, so you can feel better, sooner.

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