Athletes (amateur to elite) love salt therapy for its powerful ability to elevate performance, naturally. Frequent sessions improve lung capacity, boost stamina and regulate breathing patterns – all essential ingredients to cultivating a competitive edge.

But what if you’re not an athlete? What if you simply want to perform your everyday activities (like mowing the lawn, chasing the kids and climbing the stairs) with more ease, comfort and energy?

Salt therapy can give us ‘everyday athletes’ an edge too.

During a session, the tiny particles of pharmaceutical grade salt breathed into the lungs act as a broom, sweeping out mucus, germs and allergens. Clean lungs maximise airflow, allowing increased oxygen into the bloodstream. Whether you want to run a marathon or simply get through your workday with ease, this means more energy.

Plus, the salty atmosphere in the treatment room contains a high concentration of mood-boosting negative-ions, proven to help you feel positive, calm and relaxed.

Even if you’re not training for gold, regular salt therapy is a proactive way to help you win at life, every single day.