Laughter Yoga with Robyn @ The Salt Spot

Yes your read right, laughter yoga is a thing and I have to say it is so much fun.

Next Class:  4 November 1.45pm to 2.45pm,
ongoing first Monday of the month | $25.00 per person

Laughter Yoga is a unique programme using laughter as an exercise. Laughter exercises are introduced with specific instructions, similar to physical exercises. Jokes and comedy are not required. Robyn introduces playfulness and eye contact and the laughter soon becomes real and contagious.

What does a session look like? We start with a gentle warm-up including clapping, then complete laughter exercises interspersed with deep breathing exercises (yoga pranaymas), and end with a relaxation (yoga nidra).

Why do laughter exercises? Science has shown that there are many health benefits gained from laughter. For example, laughter alters the hormones and chemical reactions in our bodies to switch off the stress reactions and switch on the feel-good and wellbeing reactions. On the physical side, laughter increases the heart rate, circulation, oxygen intake and uses approximately 300 muscles.

Laughter and deep breathing also turn down the ‘fright flight’ branch of the nervous system and turns up the ‘rest and digest’ branch of the nervous system.

Why do Laughter Yoga at the Salt Spot?  When we laugh we exhale more air than we do at any other time. Laughter is an opportunity for stale air at the base of our lungs to be exhaled. To take advantage of this, laughter exercises are interspersed with deep breathing exercises to fill the lungs with fresh air. The purified salty air within the salt room when breathed in can cleanse the respiratory system of impurities and excess mucus. The salty air breathed in encourages the body (via osmosis) to increase the amount of moisture in the respiratory tract, in turn this helps the impurities and mucus to be exhaled more easily. Or as I like to say ‘it’s like a little brush that helps to loosen the impurities and mucus off the lining of the respiratory tract’.

So hand in hand the salty air helps moisten the respiratory tract and loosen the mucus, the laughter encourages the air into the base of the lungs and utilises the breathing and coughing muscles to help it shift. Robyn’s bright friendly style enables participants to comfortably engage fully in the exercises. It might sound a bit weird, but with some willingness the changes in the body soon make it feel wonderful.

Space is limited (minimum 3 to go ahead, maximum 6), so contact Robyn on 0412 649 257 to register by Thursday prior to the date.