Are you and your business craving something special in 2019? Perhaps The Salt Spot can help! This year, for the first time, we are offering our amazing salt rooms for select practitioners to use as a healing treatment space! (And we are super-excited about it!)

We have 2 rooms available. Both feature beautiful salt brickwork and salted floors, creating a soothing ambience.  The salt creates a highly concentrated negative ion environment, proven to improve mood and boost immunity. Energetically, salt is cleansing, which is very important to many practitioners. Plus, simply by breathing, clients and therapists alike get to enjoy clear, calm breathing – how great is that?

Our Heavenly Healer room measures approximately 3m2 and is best suited to 1-2-1 work, like massage, reiki, kinesiology, counselling etc. This space easily accommodates a massage table or a couple of comfy chairs.

The Joy room is much larger (3 x 6m) – perfect for intimate workshops or regular classes. And remembering the wonderful benefits of salt on the respiratory system, this room would be amazing for gentle exercise sessions such as tai chi or yoga – participants would love it!

Both rooms are ready to welcome regular practitioner bookings as well as occasional and one-off bookings. We have hourly, half-day and full-day options.

Curious whether practicing in a salt room could be a good fit for YOU?  
Head here to find out more!