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Are you thinking about opening a Salt Room?  It’s a GREAT thought!

Salt therapy is swiftly gaining popularity as an effective complimentary wellness therapy. And for good reason – salt therapy works! Salt therapy helps relieve a long list of health concerns, from respiratory conditions to skin issues. Best of all, salt therapy is gentle, 100% natural and suitable for the whole family. Right now, the industry is in its infancy and offers LOTS of potential for growth – it’s very exciting!

Hi! My name is Penny.  Since starting my own Salt Therapy journey in 2012, and opening my very own salt room, The Salt Spot in 2013, I have been asked, “How do I open a salt room?” many, many times.

My very first recommendation is to go and experience a salt therapy treatment, if you haven’t already- you’ll love it!

To date, I have guided numerous people on the path to opening their own salt rooms in Australia as well as overseas. Sharing my knowledge and teaching people about the potential life-changing magic of salt therapy continues to light me up!

I have facilitated integrating salt rooms as part of larger wellness centres, as well as stand-alone salt therapy rooms. I have helped convert existing store rooms and spare rooms within established business, and, I have even helped someone turn a caravan into a salt room!

Cutting through the fluff to locate the right information about how to create a salt therapy business yourself can be time consuming, confusing and costly.

My desire to see the salt therapy industry thrive, teamed with my hands-on knowledge and experience led to the creation of 2 affordable and informative guides to help those seeking more information and to get you started on your own salt therapy journey.

The guides are Getting Started in Salt Therapy – The essential guide, and  Become a Salt Therapist – A course in salt therapy.

Getting Started in Salt Therapy – The essential guide

This guide gives you the foundation of starting your own salt therapy room.  If you have considered either opening a dedicated salt therapy centre or adding salt therapy into a current business, this guide tells you everything you need in plain, simple language.

The guide includes:

  • 4 key components to creating a salt room.
  • Cost’s involved with opening a salt room.
  • Industry specific tips and tricks.
  • Essential equipment advice and recommendations.
  • How to choose the best premises for your salt room.
  • How to convert an existing room to add salt therapy to your business.

Download your free getting started guide here Getting Started Guide

Once you have the foundational knowledge of what you need to create a salt room the rest is up to your imagination.   If you are deciding if you want to open a salt room or just thinking about what is involved, this guide is also for you.  I have also included some extra information to consider when starting a new business and looking for premises.


Become a Salt Therapist – A course in salt therapy.

This is a comprehensive course designed to equip participants with vital knowledge about salt therapy and operating as a salt therapist.  The information presented also serves as a useful reference guide on how to treat clients with specific conditions and ailments. You’ll turn to this guide again and again!


The course is broken up into 4 modules for easy learning and reference:

Module 1.
Discover the history and evolution of salt therapy.
Learn how salt therapy works in the respiratory system.

Module 2.
Explores the 4 stage salt therapy treatment process, plus explains time frames, safety for children and babies and contraindications of salt therapy.

Module 3.
Details specific conditions that affect the respiratory system and how salt therapy can be used to help them.

Module 4.
Examines client care after treatment, emergency procedures and the appropriate natural therapy category salt therapy falls under. We also look at how to deal with skeptics and best practices for collaborating with other health care providers.


I created these guides to help you get started and to answer many questions I often get asked, the guide is a great place to start and is free.
I am contactable at The Salt Spot for further information and to organise a 1:1 consultation appointment.

Halogenerator – if you are looking to purchase a halogenerator, please contact me for further details, the information and technology is constantly being updated and I will discuss more in depth what you need rather specifically.

Portable Salt Rooms – I can assist with what you need to set up a portable salt room and a reliable contact within Australia.

Enjoy your journey into salt therapy and I look forward to working with you.


Open A Salt Room

Are you thinking of opening a salt room and have a few questions to start with? Our guides will answer most of your questions however I am also here to guide and assist you through your salt therapy journey.


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