Salt Lamps

Purify the air around your home.

Your home is your sanctuary and a salt lamp is a beautiful addition, offering a warm glow whilst cleaning and purifying the air. Sourced from the foothills of the Himalayas, each lamp is unique in size, colour and shape. Choose from one of our natural lamps or one of our beautifully carved lamps.

Salt Crystal lamps produce heat from the light bulb contained in the salt lamp’s body. This allows the salt lamps to rapidly attract moisture, humidity and water molecules suspended in the air which paves the way for negative ions to be emitted.

Negative ions play a vital role in keeping the air clean and fresh. We find negative ions naturally through nature, especially in bushy areas or at the beach. Himalayan Salt Lamps naturally generate an extensive flow of negative ions that bind to airborne particles,  including dust particles, mould spores, cigarette smoke, EMF’s from electronics and airborne allergens. The negative ions help eliminate the positively charged ions out of the environment cleaning and purifying the air you breathe around your home.

Pure rock salt has been used in medicine for its health and therapeutic properties for thousands of years. Lamps can be placed anywhere throughout the home. Bedrooms, study area’s and living rooms are the most popular places for lamps.

Enjoy one of the living lamps in your home today. Not only do they look beautiful, they also help you breathe better.

Salt Lamps are only available for purchase in store and no longer online.   Phone to check availability, we do carry a large range of sizes and shapes however it can vary depending on the supplier. 

2-3kgNatural Salt Lamps come in many shapes, sizes and colour variations.   Each lamp is unique and no two lamps are the same.   The natural ‘pink’ colour varies from a soft light colour to a deep orange / redish colour in the lamp.   There can also be variations of colour on one lamp with lighter and darker area’s.   This is the beauty of the natural lamps they are all unique.

Lamps are chosen via weight, included are approximate heights for the size.  The larger the lamp the more negative ions it will release.

What’s best for you room?

2-3kg – 20cm suitable for small rooms and kids bedrooms
4-6kg – 25cm suitable for larger and master bedrooms
8-10kg – 30cm suitable for large bedroom or lounge room
13-15kg – 35cm suitable for large living area

White salt lamps are also available in 2 sizes 2-3kg & 4-6kg.  These rarer pure white lamps vary slightly in colour from vivid white to an off white.  Each lamps is unique and different.

Larger lamps  20kg and 25kg size lamps,  are popular for open plan living area’s.  Sizes can go right up to 100kg which are all available by request please phone (02) 9953 1110 for more information.

Shaped Lamps are beautifully carved to create different shapes.
There is no difference between shaped or natural lamps, it is personal preference if you like a specific shape or if you prefer a natural looking lamp.

Shaped lamps are 3-5kg in weight and approximately 20-25cm in height.

All lamps include 1 (on/off) cord and 1 light globes.
















Care for your lamp.

Salt lamps are a living lamp, salt naturally draws moisture.  Never wet your lamp with water or keep in a moist place.   The surface of the lamp will become wet if left off for a long period of time, especially in humid or damp weather, you will notice the lamp sweating.  Turn the lamp on and it will dry out.

It is best to put your lamp on everyday.  When it is on it is releasing the negative ions and keeping your house feeling good and the air clean.

If you’re going away on holidays, place a plastic bag over the lamp to protect it from moisture and humidity.

To clean your lamp wipe with a damp cloth (not to wet) to remove dust.  Dry the lamp by turning it on.

To change the light bulb, turn the lamp off and gently pull out the cord from the bottom of the lamp.  Replace the globe and push the cord back into the lamp.

Beware not to move your lamp around when the light is on, a hot globe will no longer work if it touches the sides of the salt.

Salt lamps are easy to look after, leave them on as much as possible and you will find it will last forever, it will rarely need cleaning and will keep you looking after you.

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