Coughing can be quite useful. When you want to attract the attention of a shop assistant, or alert the kids that you’ve sprung them doing something naughty, a subtle cough is just the ticket. But when you can’t control your cough and you have that irritating tickle, it’s no fun at all.

Generally a cough is the body’s way of clearing the throat and airways of any foreign particles, irritants, fluids, and mucus so we can breathe comfortably.  There are many reasons we get a cough, they crop up as part of a cold, sore throat or even bronchitis, often a night cough in winter can leave us with a sleepless night.  Usually a cough will pass as the cold or infection passes however sometimes they linger on for weeks or even months after the acute infection has well and truly left.

When you need to soothe the pain of a cough, salt therapy can help. Salt’s natural anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial  and antifungal properties ease inflammation and help break up congestion, it also coates the airways to help soothe and calm a cough.

Best of all, you can soak up all the benefits of salt therapy simply by sitting back in a comfy chair, and breathing in the salty goodness.