Spring is such a beautiful time of year, although for some people its the dreaded hay fever and allergy season.  Fear not! Salt therapy is a natural addition to help fight itchy eyes, runny nose and foggy head that accompany these conditions. By adding in some salt therapy treatments now and during spring, it will help naturally relieve symptoms.

Salt has natural anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties which when inhaled, the dry salt will coat the airways and help relieve the symptoms that come with hay fever and allergies at this time of year.

What is Hay Fever?

Hay Fever or (allergic rhinitis) is common and affects up to 30% of the population.   There are two types hay fever / allergic rhinitis:

  • Seasonal – occurs particularly during pollen seasons.
  • Perennial – occurs throughout the year.

Symptoms of allergic rhinitis, or hay fever, frequently include nasal congestion, a clear runny nose, sneezing, nose and eye  itching, and excess tear production in the eyes. Postnasal dripping of clear mucus frequently causes a cough. Loss of the sense of smell is common, and loss of taste sense occurs occasionally. Nose bleeding may occur if the condition is severe. Eye itching, redness, and excess tears in the eyes frequently accompany the nasal symptoms. The eye symptoms are referred to as “allergic conjunctivitis” (inflammation of the whites of the eyes). These allergic symptoms often interfere with one’s quality of life and overall health.

How does salt therapy it work?

The salt will gently pass through your nose and airways, down into the lungs.  The natural anti-inflammatory properties will help open up the airway so you can breathe easier, as the salt passes through your airways it acts like a scrubbing brush, removing allergens, pollen’s and environmental pollutants.   The dry salt will coat the airways and stay in there for approximately 24 – 48 hours after treatment,  the more often you have salt therapy the longer it will last.  The relaxing atmosphere of the salt room is a welcome haven at this time of year.

When is the best time to come in and get salted?

Prevention is the best cure!   As we head into spring, it’s great to come in and start inhaling the salt before you start getting severe symptoms.   When you feel the first twinges of irritation come in and you will find that it will naturally ease.   By giving your airways a boost with salt this will help keep them nice and clear and boost your immune system at the same time.