You’re on edge and your mind’s racing. Your heart’s beating fast, your breath is erratic and your mojo is MIA. Everything seems like a hassle and there’s no end in sight.

Whether it’s caused by a growing pile of bills, a difficult situation at work, relationship issues or simply trying to get stuff done, stress can feel exhausting and debilitating.

Salt therapy can help ease stress, due to the high negative ion environment of the salt room. Ions are electrically charged particles in the atmosphere we breathe, and they carry either are a positive or  negative charge.  Even though negative ions sound, well, negative, they actually promote a positive effect on mood and wellbeing, helping to calm and relax the nervous system. Positive ions, on the other hand, can make us feel a bit ‘blah’.

The pure, fine particles of therapeutic grade salt dispersed into the air during a salt therapy session are naturally super-charged with a mood-boosting dose of negative ions. All you need do is sit back, breathe and let the salt soothe your stresses.

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