Testimonials for The Salt Spot

Cleared my sinusitis

“I was suffering with chronic sinusitis when I went to the Salt Spot and within a couple of days I could feel the improvement in my breathing and clearing of my head. I was having sleepless nights, breathing difficulties and generally a feeling of unwell, I had been feeling like this for about 8 weeks.
Within a couple of visits to the Salt Spot my head and sinuses had cleared and I now have a feeling of well being and calmness.
Penny is a pleasant friendly person who makes me feel welcome and each visit I feel calm and relaxed.”

The Spot to De-stress

“When I visit I use the time to meditate, I find it such a perfect environment.
I look forward to my visits as I always feel like I have been on a holiday or to the beach.
The salt room is calm and peaceful. I was under a lot of stress in my life and my time at The Salt Spot has reduced my anxiety greatly.”

A flu free winter

“By nature I am a sceptic and am very careful what I do I have found the Salt Spot energising and uplifting and without hesitation if I was unwell with the flu or a virus I would do another 12 weeks course at the Salt Spot.
I have for the first time I can remember had a flu free winter, and I attribute this to the Salt Spot.
I would without hesitation recommend the Salt Spot to improve health and well being.”

– Robyn Swan

Relax, meditate and breathe – in peace

“Having suffered sinusitis and bronchial issues for a couple of years, I had really good relief from just a couple of sessions. After 5 sessions, I was breathing much more freely, and most of my sinus congestion was gone. I now self-treat at home in Bangkok with a Himalayan Salt Pipe purchased there. The Salt Spot is well-run by Penny, who is friendly and very knowledgeable. It’s a quiet place to get away from all the stresses of the outside world, to relax, meditate, and breathe – in peace. Highly recommended alternative natural therapy that works!”

– OJR (Sydney/Bangkok/Singapore)

My kids love the salt room

“My two-year old has a history of chronic ear and sinus infections. Last year his symptoms were terrible and resulted in numerous courses of antibiotics. This year we have been able to treat the symptoms more effectively through salt therapy at The Salt Spot. Both my boys love it and it’s now a regular part of our weekly routine. Penny has set up the ‘cave’ so it’s family friendly with an area for the kids to play.  I often come in alone as well for a dose of relaxation!  All in all, a great spot for the whole family with many health benefits.”

Goodbye Ventolin

“I would like to say that since I have been going to Salt Therapy (about 7 months) my health issues have done a 180 degree turn-around. My asthma has improved to the extent that I have not needed to use Ventolin. My breathing has improved enormously.  It is true; it is like having your lungs scrubbed clean. I feel lighter in myself as I can breathe properly after all these years. Thank you Penny for bringing this into my life and for being such a warm knowledgeable lady.”

– Pauline Adès

Treatment for asthma

“My son is 4 and was on ventolin 2- 3 times daily for asthma. After our 3rd visit, we stopped using the ventolin as his breathing improved dramatically (very noticeable at night when he is sleeping). Now he hardly needs ventolin, only when he has a cold which has been rare. We now visit The Salt Spot once a week for maintenance.  It’s been 4 months now and I am so happy that my son rarely uses ventolin. I would highly recommend The Salt Spot Neutral Bay.”

Meet at the Salt Spot

“The Salt Spot is great for both children and adults. My husband uses it for team meetings. It’s nice to get out of the office and do something different.”

– Nirmal van Hamburg

The Salt Spot changed our lives

“We lived in constant alert to our daughter’s chronic asthma and to a lesser degree eczema. Although our daughter is on tablets, preventers and inhalers she was constantly on the verge of an asthma attack and found enjoying sport difficult due to not being able to breathe easily. Since starting a regular regime of Salt Therapy Rubie now enjoys better health.
We no longer live in a state of anxiety and her asthma is now under control. She feels better in herself, her allergies have improved and she no longer needs to take ventalin on a regular basis. We love it so much that everyone at home uses the various home treatments that Penny has shown us. There is also a huge decrease in the amount of medication used no oral steroids, nebuliser and NO hospital visits.
We are so grateful to Penny who has made it affordable and welcoming to improve Rubie’s and the whole family’s health.”

– Sandi & Rubie


Salt Therapy v’s bronchitis

“I have been a nurse for most of my career and as a result I have been exposed to viral and bacterial infections. Every winter without fail I suffer from Bronchitis. I have spent many sleepless nights in the past trying to clear my airways.
Last year I discovered Salt Therapy and booked into The Salt Spot to help me through the acute stage. The benefits were unbelievable, the salt worked wonders in my lungs, helping me to clear my airways, sleep better and recover quicker.
This winter I am using appointments at The Salt Spot as prevention, keeping my airway clear to create a less desirable environment for viral and bacterial predators.”

– Leanne Thomson


A good nights sleep

“After a string of sleepless nights thanks to a cough that wouldn’t quit, I went to my first ever Salt Therapy session. I felt clearer almost immediately and that night had 6 blissful hours of uninterrupted sleep. It’s not an instant cure, but being able to breathe again and sleep easily all helps your body heal itself.  Next time I start coughing, I’ll get straight down to The Salt Spot.”.

– Robyn Harper


No more antihistamines

“Before starting salt treatments, I suffered from bad hay fever and allergies, which impacted my breathing on a regular basis – to the point where I was taking antihistamines every day and still relying on ventolin to assist with my breathing.
I started doing salt therapy sessions at The Salt Spot about 12 months ago and noticed a difference almost immediately. I no longer rely on antihistamines to control my hay fever and allergies (I can’t actually remember the last time I took an antihistamine!) and I haven’t used my ventolin in ages, I also noticed an improvement in my general fitness.”

And no more eczema

“I also suffered from quite bad eczema. My regular sessions at the Salt Spot have provided great relief and assisted me in getting this condition under control.  The recent introduction of various skincare products has helped me almost eliminate the effect of this condition on my skin. These products are very gentle and do not aggravate my skin at all, unlike many other products I have tried”.

– Alex Colley