Wa-hoooo! You’re ready to try salt therapy!

We just know you’re gonna enjoy this unique experience and love the many benefits salt therapy has to offer!

We also know trying something new can feel a little bit intimidating. Along with introducing new clients like you to the wonders of salt therapy, our aim is to make you feel as welcome and comfortable as possible.

So on that note, we want to share what you can expect your first salt therapy session.

Getting ready.
Start the ball rolling by scheduling an appointment via phone or our website.

All appointments start on the hour, with adult sessions 45 minutes, and 30 minutes for children.

Aim to arrive around 10 minutes before your appointment time.

When you arrive.
You’ll be greeted with a smile and presented with an information form to fill out, and shown a locker where you can place your shoes and valuables.

While it’s not compulsory, we will encourage you to leave your electronic devices at home or in your locker, salt is blown through the air and not the best for electronic devices.

Entering our salty paradise.
We’ll then take you into the salt room, the first thing you’ll notice about our salt room is All. The. Salt.

The walls and floors are completely covered in salt!

Not just any old salt of course – the walls are made from pure salt blocks, mined from a deep salt cave in the Ukraine. This very special salt comes from massive deposits formed in the ancient Permian Sea over 250 million years ago. Pretty impressive, huh?

Next, you’ll be struck by the tranquility of the space. Ahhhh… blissful peace and quiet!

Once you’ve taken in the ambiance, it’s time to sit down in a comfy armchair (complete with reading light), and settle in.

We will explain how it works and how it can help you, so all you have to do is relax. Most of our sessions are shared, which means other clients will be enjoying salt therapy with you.

Rest assured – only really lovely people do salt therapy! And if you do require a private session, let us know when booking.

What you’ll be doing.
Honestly, we hope you do absolutely nothing but breathe and relax during your session. Seriously, there’s nothing more you need to do – the salt does all the work. By simply breathing, the salt gets deep-down into the lungs to give them a thorough (and gentle) clean.

We suggest you daydream, read a magazine or take a sneaky snooze!

What the salt will be doing.
While you chill out, the halogenerator machine fills the room with a super-fine, dry mist of tiny salt particles. The salt is so fine you’ll hardly see it, or feel it.

Finishing up.
You don’t need to worry about time, just let the outside world go, this is your time out for some well deserved relaxation.  We’ll come and get you at the end.

Once out of the salt therapy room, please know there’s no great rush to leave. We invite you to take your time before re-entering the ‘real world’. Have some water, ask a few questions, or check out our gorgeous Himalayan salt lamps.

After your appointment.
When you get home, you’ll likely feel nice and relaxed. Salt is naturally charged with negative ions, which have a ‘feel good’ effect on the emotions. Most clients report having an amazing night’s sleep after their session – bonus!

And that’s what you can expect at your first salt therapy session.

We can’t wait to see you for your first time!