Are you dreading the kids coming home this winter with EVERY cold, cough and sniffle that hits the playground?

Worse still, are you dreading them sharing the icky, snotty germs with YOU?

Then NOW is the time to act!

Get the kids in for an immunity-boosting dose of salt therapy NOW, while you are all fit, healthy and in school holiday mode.
Salt therapy works to clean and clear out the entire respiratory system gently and effectively. The tiny salt particles dispersed into the air within our salt therapy rooms act as a brush, sweeping out the airways of gunk to make breathing easy.
You and your family will leave your session feeling good, breathing better and ready to fight off any nasties that come along.
Plus, salt therapy delivers a soothing mood-boost and promotes deep sleep, thanks to the negative-ion rich environment in the room.
Come in and try salt these holiday, and say ‘see ya’ to sick days next term.