6 Ways to keep your mind fit everyday.

30 minutes moderate exercise – check.
5 serves vegetables – check.
8 glasses of water – check

Phew! Do all that every day and you’re good, right?


Oh, but hang on a minute, that takes care of the body, but what about the mind?

With 1 in 5 Aussies suffering from mental health challenges in any given year, it’s vital to nurture your mind, every single day.

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act. It also helps determine how we deal with stress, relate to others, and make decisions. Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood and adolescence through adulthood.

So what can we do on the regular to maintain a healthy mental state? Here are 6 simple suggestions to create and maintain a healthy mind:

Meditation is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and feelings of overwhelm. At its core, meditation simply means to turn your attention to a single point of reference. This point could be the breath, a sound, even gazing at a photograph.

Mind maintenance idea #1: Close your eyes for 2 minutes today and focus on the feeling of your breath moving in and out your nostrils.

We humans thrive in tribe! Time spent with friends, family and community bolsters our innate need to connect and belong.

Mind maintenance idea #2: Set up a coffee date with that friend you haven’t seen in ages.

While human connection is great, too much time interacting with technology can be harmful to the mind. Set a clear boundary around your device use (phones, ipads, computers) to give your mind a break.

Mind maintenance idea #3: Place your device(s) out of reach by 8pm every evening.

Get out
Fresh air and wide-open spaces does wonders for the soul! Even science agrees – natural environments are rich in negative ions, which despite the name, promote a positive mood.

Mind maintenance idea #3: Head to your local park and sit under a tree during your lunch hour.

I know, I know, you’ve heard this a million times…but sleep really is amazing for body, mind and soul. 8 hours is great, but you already know that, don’t you?

Mind maintenance idea #4: Hit the hay 30 minutes earlier that your usual bedtime for 4 nights in a row every week.

Nice self-talk
We all have an inner critic. You know, that voice that pipes up to say you’re not good enough or knocks down your great ideas. For some, this inner critic is loud and persistent!

Speaking to yourself in a positive way is great for your mental health – neural pathways are strengthened to bring self-confidence, well-being, and satisfaction to a higher level.

Mind maintenance idea #5: Tell yourself that you’re awesome and doing great, whenever you hear that sneaky self-critic chime in.

Try something new  Turns out doing new things in new ways helps retain brain cells and connections. It may even produce new brain cells. Essentially, busting out of your usual routine can help keep your brain stay healthy.

Mind maintenance idea #6: Enrol in a class to learn a new skill, or explore a different part of your town or city this weekend.

Salt on your mind
You know what? A salt therapy session actually ticks most of these boxes for healthy mind maintenance.

Many of our clients use the time in our quiet, calm salt room to meditate or snooze (our chairs are very comfy!)

We ask that you leave your phone in a secure locker, so you can go tech-free for your session.

Negative ions abound in the salty atmosphere.

Prefer to go it alone? No problem, just remember to speak nicely to yourself 🙂

Oh, and if you haven’t tried salt therapy before, guess what – there’s your something new!

Your mind matters! So tick off your exercise, water and veggie intake everyday, then come and see us for a salt therapy session at The Salt Spot – your mind will thank you!

PS: Please see your medical practitioner for professional help for any concerns regarding your mental health.